Site Suitability Assessment in Nicosia District

Two of the possible locations for the installation of GPS/GNSS stations of the CyCLOPS network are within the region of Nicosia District. The first area of interest is located in Mathiatis community. Mathiatis is approximate in the center of Cyprus, with an elevation of 365 meters above Mean Sea Level.  On the 29th of May…


Site Suitability Assessment in Troodos Area

In the framework of the installation of the permanent of CyCLOPS, seven (7) candidate locations were carefully selected and assessed. The first two are located in the Troodos region. The first cadidate location lies within the Nicosia District with an elevation of almost 1700m above mean sea level.  The second candidate location is in Madari…


CyCLOPS project presentation at the 135th EuroSDR Pan-European Conference

13 November 2019 – The coordinator of CyCLOPS, Dr. Chris Danezis, presented the aims and objectives of the research project to the audience of the 135th EuroSDR Pan-European Conference. The conference was hosted by the Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS) and lasted from 13 to 15 November 2019. EuroSDR is a non-profit organization that…

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