Dr Chris Danezis participated in the IAG’s Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences (REFAG) 2022 which took place between 17 – 20.10.2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In the framework of this conference, he gave one oral and one poster presentation. The oral presentation was titled ‘CyCLOPS: Establishment of a Strategic Integrated Permanent GNSS and InSAR Array to Enhance Monitoring of Geohazards and Promote Infrastructure Resilience in Cyprus’ and aimed to introduce CyCLOPS to the international geodetic community. The poster presentation was titled: ‘Update of ITRF densification in Cyprus using IGS repro3 products’ and illustrated results from the determination of precise coordinates and velocities of the Cyprus national permanent GNSS network (CYPOS), which was carried out in the framework of CyCLOPS.  During the conference, he had the opportunity to promote CyCLOPS infrastructure and discuss with colleagues from reputable scientific institutions on the future of GGOS and the impact research infrastructures have on its formation. He highlighted the importance and benefit for Cyprus from establishing a strategic infrastructure unit for natural hazards funded under the CyCLOPS Project, its implementation details, and its results throughout the project’s case studies.

Moments from the conference