Mr. Dimitris Kakoullis CV

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Mr Dimitris Kakoullis (male) 

Ph.D Candidate at CUT Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics

CUT Geodesy Lab (CGL) 

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics (CEG) 

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) 

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) 

Education: Mr. Dimitris Kakoullis is a Research Associate and member of the research team of Dr. Chris Danezis. He holds a Dipl. Ing. (5y) from the University of Thessaly (PRD-UTh) Department of Planning and Regional Development and a BSc in Geomatic Engineering from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). During his BSc studies, he has been awarded for his educational results along with obtaining the highest award, graduating first in his department. 

Professional Background: Mr. Kakoullis has been a consultant engineer for more than ten years with experience in urban and spatial planning, and analysis. He has also worked on several projects focusing on Land Surveying, Geomatics and GIS projects. Amongst others he is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and volunteer member of the Cyprus Civil Defence. 

Research: His research focuses on Geodesy, Urban planning, Spatial analysis, GIS, Remote Sensing, SAR Interferometry, Geo-hazard Risk Management, etc.