A new GNSS reference station of the CyCLOPS Permanent Segment (PS) with the code name SOUN has been successfully installed. SOUN is located in Souni-Zanakia village, and it is collocated with a pair of calibration-grade corner reflectors and a seismograph of the national seismological network. The monumentation of SOUN was constructed using a specifically designed stainless steel truss, attached to bedrock via stainless steel anchors and high-quality epoxy resin. The stainless steel truss was designed to exhibit submillimetric vibration at wind speeds of 140km/h.  The details of the new site follow:

4-Char Code: SOUN
Monumentation: Stainless Steel Truss
GNSS Antenna: Trimble® Ti-v2 Geodetic Choke Ring with SCIGN Radome
Weather Station: Vaisala PTU 307 with solar radiation shield
Tiltmeter: Jewell D-711-A-S
Geology: Bedrock

Photos from the Installation