Installation of the Pissouri Mobile GNSS Stations

The Mobile Segment of CyCLOPS includes five (5) cutting-edge continuously operating high-rate GPS/GNSS reference stations, weather stations, and tilt-meters, which have been deployed in areas of interest which have already suffered the impact of natural and anthropogenic hazards. Three (3) GNSS reference stations of the CyCLOPS Mobile Segment (MS) with the code name CUT3,CUT4 and CAVO have been successfully installed. Pissouri is located in Limassol’s district, Cyprus, equidistant from Limassol and Paphos cities. Following the re-activated ground movements within the Limnes in Pissouri, first noticed by residents in 2012, continue to cause significant architectural and structural damages to many properties, up to the present. Due to the remaining uncertainties over the depth(s) of sliding, the acceleration and the direction of the landslides, Limnes area and Pissouri region are generally monitoring through the CyCLOPS project. The details of the new sites follow:

4-Char Code: CUT300CYP, CUT400CYP and CAVO00CYP
Monumentation: Shallow braced Circular Hollow Section (CHS) pole
GNSS Receiver: Trimble® Alloy
GNSS Antenna: Trimble® Ti-v2 Geodetic Choke Ring with SCIGN Radome
Weather Station: Vaisala PTU 307 with solar radiation shield
Tiltmeter: Jewell D-711-A-S
Geology: Bedrock

Photos from the Installation