Installation of the Electronic Corner Reflectors (ECR)

Over the years, passive and active reflectors are becoming indispensable parts in ground deformation monitoring using Interferometric SAR geodetic techniques. The evolution and the need for more practical and compact in size reflectors motivated the implementation of Electronic Corner Reflectors, namely ECR Transponders. ECR Transponders are compact active permanent scatterers, which are used in the estimation of physical or man-induced deformation processes. Their main advantage lies in their compact size and the fact that a sole unit accounts for both ascending and descending tracks, instead of having a traditional two opposite-facing Corner Reflectors configuration. To date, ECR transponders mainly operate in C-band and, thus, are compatible with Sentinel-1. Although experiments are in initial stage, the results seem quite promising with respect to the classic passive corner reflectors in many aspects. Two Electronic Transponders (ECRs) by Metasensing Radar Solutions have been installed by CyCLOPS team at. The stations collocated with the TROD00CYP (Choirokoitia) and CUT400CYP (Pissouri) GNSS Mobile Stations, respectively.

Moments of the Installation

15 February 2022- ECR Installation at Choirokoitia Archeological Site

08 April 2022- ECR Installation at Pissouri Village