Finalization of the Installation of CyCLOPS InSAR Corner Reflectors

The permanent segment of CyCLOPS multi-parametric network (MPN) includes a total number of twelve (12) specifically designed calibration-grade InSAR Corner Reflectors. The array of Corner Reflectors was established in six (6) sites by installing two (2) Corner Reflectors per site to account for both the ascending and descending tracks of the current SAR satellite missions. Our CRs have significant flexibility in orientation (both in azimuth and elevation angle) to support all current SAR missions, from Sentinel-1 to TerraSAR-X and have been fully compliant with the global array of CRs established by DLR. When combining GPS/GNSS with InSAR measurements, the gaps within the CORS network can be infilled, and various anomalies of a small spatial extent that would potentially be missed within a network of discrete point observations can be eventually captured. Hence, the determination and monitoring of the 3D coordinates and velocities in a common geodetic reference frame can be achieved. The installation phase has been successfully completed on 24.06.2021.

Images from the CyCLOPS Array of Corner Reflectors