8 November 2019 – The coordinator of CyCLOPS, Dr. Chris Danezis, Prof. Diofantos Hadjimitsis, Coordinator of the H2020 TEAMING WIDESPREAD project ‘EXCELSIOR’, and Dr. Kyriacos Themistocleous, participated in a briefing with the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works, during which they had the opportunity to present both projects under the auspices of the Cyprus Technological University.

The minister Mrs. Vassiliki Anastasiadou commented that: “The exceptional climatic conditions in Cyprus for land observation, our strategic geographical location, our national infrastructures and know-how give us the opportunity to develop innovative services and attract investment.”

As Mrs Anastasiadou also stated that: “the applications of the programs related to the areas of responsibility of the MoTCW include: the systematic monitoring of open archaeological sites for the purpose of recording and protecting them, the identification of new sites and the monitoring of road network condition, for the purpose of automated and systematic detection of failures, illegal interventions and, subsequently, maintenance / repair”.

She added that through these research programs it is also possible to assess the impacts of road works on the wider environment, monitor ongoing projects and systematically monitor the movement of vehicles on city road networks in order to optimize the operation of the transport system.

The Minister concluded by congratulating the Cyprus Technological University for its outstanding academic and research performance.