Dr. Thomaida Polydorou CV

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ERATOSTHENES Research Centre (ERC)

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics (CEG)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

Dr. Thomaida Polydorou (F) holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University (KSU), U.S.A (2014). Originally granted an athletic scholarship to attend KSU as an Undergraduate student (BSc-2009), she continued her studies in the field of structural engineering and materials (MSc-2011), and was sponsored by the Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) to investigate bonding characteristics of prestressing steel in cementitious materials, for determination of acceptance criteria for prestressing strand in pretensioned applications. During the course of her doctoral studies, Dr. Polydorou undertook the management of a series of beam tests at the STRESSCON precast concrete plant in Colorado Springs, where she developed concrete mixture specifications and supervised beam casting for quality control. Dr. Polydorou was also managing the concrete plant crew as well as the prestressing crew during the beam manufacturing process. Ms. Polydorouis now a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Cyprus University of Technology’s Eratosthenis research centre. Dr Polydorou research focuses on a wide range of Civil Engineering topics including the following: Prestressed concrete structures, concrete engineering, experimental evaluation of materials, quality control testing, evaluation of bond between concrete and various reinforcements, construction sustainability and circular economy.Sheis currently working on the project ‘Anagennisis’, funded by the EU’s FP7 programme, in the field of Innovative Reuse of All Tyre Components in Concrete.