Dr. Michalis Christoforou

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Dr. Michalis Christoforou

Researcher B

Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics (CEG)

Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET)

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

Dr. Michalakis Christoforou (Researcher B): He is currently a Research Fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics. He received his B.Sc. in Plant Protection from the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece, an M.Sc. in Horticulture from the University of Reading, U.K and MSc in Geographical information Systems and Geospatial technologies and a PhD in Plant Pathology – Nematology, from the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). Since 2008, he is working as a Special Scientist and a Research Fellow at CUT and he is an active member of the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence, the Agricultural Microbiology Lab and the Geodesy Lab. During his career, he performed research in several areas of Agricultural Nematology (PENEK), Plant Pathology (Life Green Grapes), Ecology (CASCADE) and Agronomy (AGROINNOECO), and is participating in Cost action projects (Sustainable Control of grapevine trunk diseases and Genomic Biodiversity Knowledge for Resilient Ecosystems). At present, his is working on the SWSOIP Project: ‘Smart Watering System for Optimising Irrigation Process’. His scientific interests focuses on the study of biotic and abiotic plant diseases and their monitoring using remote sensing applications with the use of Multispectral UAVs. He published articles in scientific journals, book chapters and proceedings of international conferences. Dr Christoforou is a member the European Society of Nematologist (ESN), the Association of Applied Biologist (AAB), the Hellenic Phytopathological Society (HPS) and the Cyprus Association of Agronomists.