CyCLOPS at IAG 2021, Beiging China

Assistant Professor Chris Danezis participated at the IAG 2021 “Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Geodesy” which took place virtually on the 28th of June to 02nd of July 2021 in Beijing, China. During the conference he gave an oral presentation entitled “CyCLOPS: A National Integrated GNSS/InSAR Strategic Research Infrastructure for Monitoring Geohazards and Forming the Next Generation Datum of the Republic of Cyprus”, on the 02nd of July 2021 (session 5.7: Advances in Geodesy for Geohazard Monitoring and Disaster Risk Reduction). During the conference, Dr. Danezis highlighted the importance and benefit for Cyprus from establishing a strategic infrastructure unit for natural hazards funded under the CyCLOPS Project, as well as the process of the implementation of the project.


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