Arrival of CyCLOPS GNSS Equipment at CUT

According to the specifications and criteria of the CyCLOPS (Cyprus Continuously Operating Natural Hazards Monitoring and Prevention System (RPF / INFRASTRUCTURES / 1216/0050)) research program of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geoinformatics Engineers of the Cyprus University of Technology, the equipment which will be installed within seven (7) different locations nationwide has been set on track.

A competition has been announced for the equipment and specifications that are required by the program on October 16, 2019.

After the closing of the competition for the GPS / GNSS equipment that will be installed at the appointed locations, the specifications submitted by the interested parties will be thoroughly checked with the aim to make this equipment as efficient as possible in the various locations, which were deemed optimal for the necessary measurements of the CyCLOPS research project. This equipment will operate on a 24-hour basis and will provide daily accurate measurements.

Photos of GNSS Equipment Arrival at CUT Warehouses